If Your Child Has Special Needs

So Do Your Finances

If your loved one will need life-long care, it is vital that you carefully consider your financial options to best provide for the needs for your child, your family, and for yourself.

Financial planning for any family is important, but for families supporting a loved one with special needs, an effective plan is crucial. Will your child still need care after you're gone or no longer able to provide that care? How do you ensure they will be taken care of according to your wishes? How do you ensure care without affecting government benefits? 

Our September guest speakers Doug and Deena Trocino will explore financial options helping you make informed decisions for your loved one and your family. 

Missed the support group, no problem. You can still contact our presenters for information. 

They even make house calls for Free. :)


Doug and Deena Trocino have dedicated their lives to helping families thrive. Their passion for helping youth led them to run a teen outreach center for 16 years, impacting the lives of hundreds of young people. Parents of 5, including a beautiful 7-year-old daughter with Down Syndrome, they are members of the special needs community themselves. When their daughter Gracie was born, they learned fast the importance of protecting her future. They were faced with all the same questions above and countless more. 

Their mission is to create a world in which families supporting children with special needs are debt-free, properly protected and financially independent in order to build them a lifetime of opportunities and successes.  

Give them a call at 586-260-8510to set up your FREEfinancial needs analysis and let them help you put together a plan that will secure your child’s future and give you peace of mind.