All proceeds support will go to Autism Society of America

The ASA provides many social opportunities for families to get out in the community with their dependents. We also provide grants to teachers for their classrooms and grants to individuals with Autism for college.

Thank you for your support!


Let's highlight some important National numbers for our donors:

• We provided information and referral support to over 240,000 individuals and families impacted by autism through our Autism Source™ Contact Center and robust online Resource Database. 

• Our nationwide network of 90 state and local Autism Society Affiliates answered the call for over 360,000 families and individuals navigating the autism journey in communities across the United States.

• We partnered with over 4,300 businesses and organizations to advance the wellbeing of all impacted by autism including AMC Theaters, which regularly have Sensory Friendly Screenings shown all over the country.

• We trained more than 12,000 law enforcement officials and first responders to foster safe, open, and positive interactions between public safety officials and members of the autism community. 

• Successfully advocated for federal and state legislation that enables people impacted by autism to live in communities, access education opportunities, and improve employment outcomes, and ultimately achieve the highest quality of life. 

This information is important. We need your help in continuing to be the go to organization for grassroots advocacy. We are here for you. Please make a tax deductible donation today and help us continue to be that place you can go to. And remember If you are a retiree and are required to take a certain amount of distribution from a retirement plan, please note the amount of a charitable donation often can be counted toward the required amount.